Marvin the Manicou and Friends

Meet your favourite animals from Trinidad and Tobago!

Marvin the Manicou

Marvin is known around the world as an opossum, but in Trinidad and Tobago, Marvin is called a manicou. Unlike the rest of his nocturnal family, Marvin is a mischievous manicou who enjoys taking adventures all day and night. He loves insects and also enjoys fruits and doubles…YUM!

Monty the Red Howler Monkey

Ever heard the saying “monkey know what tree to climb!” Well, that is definitely Monty. This wise red howler monkey is the voice of reason who keeps the other animals out of trouble…especially Marvin. When he howls, the entire forest listens!

Avinash the Agouti

Avinash is an agile agouti and a very proud and confident little critter. This athletic agouti is one of the fastest animals in Trinidad and Tobago and he can also leap quite high into the air. Though Avinash is one of Marvin’s closest friends, he is also one of his biggest rivals. Because of this, they often but heads.

Clyde the Blue Crab

Clyde is a clever crab who can find his way out of any situation! He’s always in the know and can easily outsmart almost anyone…animals, fish and humans alike.

Tamika the Tatu

Tamika is known around the world as an armadillo, but in Trinidad and Tobago, she is called a tatu. Tamika is a tricky little tatu who is fearless and outgoing. But don’t let her hard outer shell fool you. She is also very caring, compassionate and fun-loving. She is one of Marvin’s closest friends and always has his back when things get tough.

Issa the Iguana

Issa is an inquisitive iguana. She loves minding the business of others and she always has something to say about what she observes. As we say in Trinidad and Tobago, she’s the big ‘maco’ in the bunch!

Quasi the Quenk

Quasi is known around the world as a collared peccary, but in Trinidad and Tobago, he is called a quenk. A word of advice … don’t underestimate him because never backs down from a challenge! If you’re fast enough, you might spot him dashing through the forests to meet up with the other animals.

Louis the Lappe

Louis is known around the world as a lowland paca, but in Trinidad and Tobago, he is called a lappe. Louis is a laid back lappe who can be quite shy at times. But don’t worry, he’s always ready for a fun adventure!

Winifred the Guabine

Winifred is a wilful guabine. She is brave and very aware of everything that happens around her. She always has a story to tell and is never shy about giving advice to the other animals. 

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