Meet Oprah C. Francis

Oprah C. Francis is an author and communications professional from Trinidad and Tobago who specialises in creative production. She is also equipped with a Master of Arts in Media, Communications and Public Relations. 

Oprah Francis Trinidad Author

Growing up, Oprah could not ignore the absence of local characters in movies, books and television shows. Longing to change this, she set her sights on becoming an author and released her first children’s book, The Adventures of Marvin the Mischievous ManicouOprah then established Create Me as an independent publisher for Caribbean children’s content and transformed Marvin’s playful adventures into a blossoming book series. She also launched the Marvin the Manicou and Friends collection of plush toys and books to raise awareness about wildlife in Trinidad and Tobago. Describing herself as a proud patriot of “Trinbago massive”, Oprah continues to create narratives that reflect the charisma and unique culture of the Caribbean.