Avinash the Agouti Adventure Combo


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Avinash the Agouti Adventure Combo

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Avinash is an agile agouti and a very proud and confident little critter. Though he is one of Marvin the Manicou’s closest friends, he is also one of his biggest rivals. Because of this, they often but heads. Join him on his playful adventures with this plush toy and storybook combo.

What’s included?

The Avinash the Agouti Plush Toy measures 17 inches in height and 17 inches from fingertip to fingertip. Its jumbo size and huggable design makes it the perfect play companion for children. The plush toy is also soft, cuddly, and extremely adorable! Click here to learn more about Avinash the Agouti, Marvin the Manicou and their forest friends. 

Adventures of Marvin the Mischievous Manicou: Forest Wars teaches children valuable life lessons and about wildlife in Trinidad and Tobago. In this adventure, Marvin attempts to seek revenge against Avinash by sabotaging a major event in the forest. This creates much chaos among the animals and Marvin must make things right. With Monty as the voice of reason, the story helps children understand the value of talking things through to resolve conflict instead of seeking revenge.

Marvin and Friends Activity Book teaches children about wildlife in the Trinidad and Tobago with fun puzzles, quizzes, pages to colour, and more! Get fun facts on animals including the manicou (opossum), red howler monkey, agouti, tatu (armadillo), quenk (collared peccary), iguana, lappe (lowland paca), kiskadee and more! The Marvin and Friends Activity Book also features local fruits and places.

You can also follow Avinash and Marvin’s playful adventures on Instagram and YouTube!

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